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This is absolutely beautiful! Love your photos and these flowers too!

Monica Fullerton

I was in the storm. It was the worst thing I've ever been through, and and I'm blessed to be here alive and in the comfort of my own home. There was so much agony everywhere... people searching for loved ones, some not finding them... There is so much tragedy in Joplin... it is horrifying, and not only homes lost, but jobs too. I am currently stitching on one of the samplers I received from you, and stitching the cozy little house is making me very happy and calm. Just wanted you to know... Bless you for praying for my part of the world


Count me in on a project for Joplin
it is incredibly humbling.....

sure put things in perspective, doesn't it?


Linda Jo

Beautiful post. My heart is broken for those people in Joplin. I, too, love the bridal veil shrub - I noticed you said "in a good year".... which is true and why I don't have one anymore. But they are a fave!

Cherie Wilson

For Joplin, yes...count me in! And your post so pure and true~ see you at Mary's!

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