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Linda Thiltgen

Thinking of you. Hoping you will stay safe.

debbie@happy little cottage

I am so glad you have your priorities right.
Stitching is the ONLY way to get through a hurricane :) Stay safe this weekend!

Linda Jo

Stay calm!

connie freedman

keep calm and carry on!
candle light and needle work thats a way to weather the storm! be safe, your in my thoughts...

Linda Warlyn

Thinking of you and sending you safety and serenity. Please take good care, Charlotte. xox


Good luck Charlotte, hope it is a mostly eventless time for you. We are battening down too, mostly for the rain since we live on tahr downhill slope of our property. There will be water in our basement, some anyway. We might lose some birches though, hopefully none too close to the house. xox Corrine

Monica Fullerton

Prayers are with you all the weekend through... Will be looking forward to your report of being safe and sound!



Be safe, stitch on! Sending love and light!


Went through 4 hurricanes when we lived in florida. Safer to use battery powered lights than candles if you can. Hoping you are cozy and safe through it all.

Peggy Dlugos

Having lived the first 30 years of my life in New Orleans, I know the anxiety of waiting for an approaching hurricane. Be safe.


Hello Charlotte,

Be safe! I really, really hope that hurricane Irene turns into the ocean...and away from shore...



Said a prayer for your safety and calm spirits.


we are pulling for you up there--know all too well what that apprehensive feeling IS.
take care. :)


It must be a little scary. We actually went through hurricane Bob 20 years ago (yikes....20 years!!) in Bethany Beach, DE with many family members. I think being cut off from the world during a storm is the don't know what is happening around you.
Hang in there. I hope you don't lose any trees.
Stay safe.

Melony Bradley

Be safe! I am kind of jealous that you get to stitch by candlelight!


Hadn't read your post when I sent the email...
I will light my "magic candle" for you, along with my other NE friends. You are in my heart!


stay safe char!!


Thinking of you! Keep calm and stitch away.

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