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Mitzi Curi

Mr. America is too cute! I love this project.


It's gorgeous! I love the name Mr. America!


Wonderful, as always! :) And so glad you were able to find a perfect spot to use your beloved fabric.

Michaelanne Neal

LOVELY!!! Your choice of fabric couldn't be more perfect!!!

paula    joerling

Oh how I am laughing at you and myself. I have donated and undonated clothing to use as fabric more times than I care to think about. How is it that we forget that we use fabric and pattern on a regular basis?


Too adorable as always!

Sarah west mids uk

Love this design and using it with that fabric is just right. I am always having a clear out and then keeping something just in case.....
What a good job you got it back.


here we go again--- just ran to purchase the newest sampler---- the kitty, the color of the "soon to be" autumn hills, and the, well.....just everything....sucked me right in!!!

Angel Jem

I saw ads for Captain America all over Paris and thought of you... I loved the tag line which suits this post perfectly "Some heroes are born; others have to be created." Love Mr America!


I love it and already ordered 2!! Yay

Cherie Wilson

Sweet story, sweet shirt and oh so sweet sampler! Welcome to Mr. America. And from your previous post, I hope you will share where we can see your newly designed fabrics! Congrats Dear Charlotte!

Heather - Speckled Egg

Such a cute sampler! LOVE the colors. Hope you are having a great summer!

Karen B

It's perfect!


Mr. America is SO cute!! Great piece!!!


Oh my darling! Love. Please be safe in the ugly weather headed your way...i will have a candle lit for your family :)

Farmgirl Susan

I love the story of the shirt almost as much as I love your wonderful new sampler. And the rubber boot/donation lady story is too funny. It all sounds like something I would do.

You've convinced me I definitely need to relearn how to embroider. Can't wait to see the new farm piece you're working on. :)

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