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Quite the post, Charlotte! I'm glad you are ok. I adore the house wren pages, so so sweet!

Judi D.

Erin's House Wren book entry made me cry. Oh, you have such lovely daughters.


I love the House Wren page too, you do have sweet girls! Don't beat yourself up too much, you were just helping another Mama in distress! Hope the bumps and bruises heal quickly. I don't think you were a lunatic, seems like just the sort of thing I would have done too!Ummm...does that mean I am one too? Well I will have good company at any rate! Have a better today Charlotte!


Oh, ..........I think I read your whole post without taking a breath and just letting my eyes dart back and forth to see what happened next.......Oh my goodness......I'm so glad you're ok..... You have a kind and sweet heart and you were just driven to help those baby birds--- darn that bully crow! xox


Spring is such a beautiful, yet sad time of year.
My daughter accidentally unearthed a den (?) of five tiny baby bunnies while getting her garden ready to plant. I truly expected to arrive at her home the next day to see them all lined up on her counter being hand fed by her and her four children.
Sometimes I do believe that the unfit deserve a fighting chance.


Oh no! I'm so sorry about your fall Charlotte, so glad to hear you're okay. Hoping you feel less banged up and better lickety split. I would have done the same thing - we have crows and a hawk or falcon going after the birds in our yard.

Your daughters are the best! Course they had a splendid mom as an example :)

Erin's book is so very precious, I bet that brought some weepies in it's sweetness.

Hope you can rest up with some stitching or a good book today!


The book is beautiful. So glad you weren't seriously hurt. I understand that desire to help nature. It's so hard not to.


I would have done the SAME THING, so don't beat yourself up. (The fall did enough!)


Oh my, I read quickly and had myself a nervous laugh/cry by the end of your post. Glad you are OK. Can't decide which is sweeter-your bird-saving or your daughters.


My response, "Yes, of course, for a mother robin and her baby!" I would do the same thing. Have done the same thing. And will continue to do the same thing. We are all connected.


Monica Fullerton

awww Charlotte... I totally understand this! I watched a mother wren kick a baby out of the nest (in my hanging basket through the window of my office door) and I picked it up and placed it, only to find her doing it again 5 minutes later. Working for the Conservation dept., this time of year my phone rings and people come in with babies of every kind. The need to rescue the helpless is what makes us humans... bless your heart for that. Sorry you took a beating... I sprained my ankle chasing an outdoor cat stalking a robin... but I felt good about giving the pretty girl a chance!

kim auman

How I read all the comments. We women folk are a funny bunch...our concern for you first, but of course our concern for that poor mama. Our "mama-ness" comes out when any mom...two legged, four legged, bird footed (doesn't matter) in danger of loosing her "nest". I am so thankful you got away with just a few scratches. I am picturing that mama gathering her babies and keeping them safe, even now. I know she can, she is a remarkable creation! Take care, Mama Wren.


I'm glad you're ok after your adventure. Erin's writing is beautiful. She captured the soul of the home you have created with her observations and memories. All three of your girls are thoughtful and kind- just like you.


Oh I know just how you feel! I've tried to save many a bird.
This past week I drove my usual way home past a horse farm that has seen better days. Now the only animals in the pasture are a few miniature horses. As I passed I was surprised to see one at the fence by the road, they are never that close to the road. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the pickup behind me had slowed. It looked like the horse was in the road.....I considered turning back, but it had been a long day at a garden show. I was so tired. Two days later I read in our paper...miniature horse hit by Minivan. I couldn't read more. Hang in there!
You have awesome girls!! Take care of yourself.

karen on bainbridge island

Animals in can you not intervene? So sorry it didn't turn out as you'd planned, and you suffered an injury.

Your daughters extraordinary book...left me shaking my head in amazement...creative and so touching. I can see why Mother's Day is your favorite day of the year.


I am almost speechless, though I must say that you write so beautifully

I'm glad that you are okay.
I am sorry about the robin...and the babies...
but absolutely adore Erin's amazing book.

sending love to you....


Oh gosh, I cried and laughed through your post. I'm so glad that you're okay! The 'crows and lunatics' comment really got me. ;)

Jamie V

What a wonderful day with your mom and daughters and a lovely book! I went through a 'robin episode' last spring. After watching the nest being built and mom/dad robins keeping care of the nest, I, too, found myself running around my yard like a lunatic trying to scare off the crows who had stolen the eggs! Broke my heart. Glad you are recovering! Jamie V in MT


You know why your girls are so sweet, don't you? Maybe because their mum is such a caring person? So let them fuss. Besides, they fuss because they care.


I have done the same, well, except for the ladder part. What I have learned is that Mom Robin will tend the babes on the ground, so all is not lost. I love Mother Nature, but sometimes she really pisses me off!!! LOL! I hope your bumps and bruises are on the mend. Erin's book is wonderful! I hope she thinks about self publishing it. xoxo


You totally made me cry, too. How poignant on so many levels. Sigh. That book is such a treasure. Hope you are feeling better.

Mary Engelbreit

Forget the baby birds--- Erin's chapter on the house wren had me in tears.


Heart wrenching story...<3

Cherie Wilson

Oh such a tender story to us bird watcher/lovers. I was devastated at age 10 with my own bird story and seriously still think about it! The best part of your post is the humor and support of your family! Their funny words must be medicine dear Charlotte Better than an icebag, I imagine! Now be careful out there:) XO

Cherie Wilson

Just read Mary E's comment...........she's good medicine too, isn't she?! What a "hoot" pun intended?!


Bless your heart. What a terrible thing to happen. To the robin family and to you. Your girls are wonderful and were obviously raised with great love. That book is the most wonderful gift. I hope I am raising my girls the way you raised yours. Be well and stay off of ladders for awhile.

Jenni Jones

Oh Charlotte. That is so sad, about the baby birds, their mother and your terrible fall. I would have done the same thing, and yes, I would probably also have fallen. I dont need a ladder, I am constantly falling over my own big feet. The house wren story is just beautiful. What a treasure to have, and testiment to how you raised your children. Well done on all counts!

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