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karen on bainbridge island

Wonderful adventure, and great memories that will last a long, long time.

Ah, hollyhocks and sunflowers. I was in the town of Port Hadlock Saturday, and spied these enormous purple hollyhocks growing wild next to an antique store. That is a flower I do not see often enough, so was happy to see your photo.

The blue of the woad is such an amazing blue. Can you identify a DMC floss that is closest to the color you see when you look at the result of your dyeing efforts?


hmmmm. thats tough. woad colors differently depending on time and textile. #825 or 517 maybe.

Debby Schuh

Amazingly beautiful! I hope to go there someday!

Laura @ 52 FLEA out the woad and wine again :) love that! So glad you had a wonderful trip...knew it would be amazing! :)

jane B

Was starting to settle into routine of life -- thank you for taking me back to the great adventure!

karen on bainbridge island

Thanks for the DMC hint about woad blue...I will check those two colors out. I figured it would vary, but just wanted a hint on what your eye tells you is close.

I am working an embroidery that I sketched for a friend that is supposed to remind you of little French seaside cabanas...I'm sure there is a French word for that, don't know what it would be. I thought working it in a single color of some French blue would be appropriate. All the pictures you have posted showing the results of the dyeing are just such pretty colors of blue.

Teah B.

What a beautiful post. Loved all of your pictures! Thank you for sharing with all of us. So glad you had such a good time. Take care!

Suzy McQ

Oh, Charlotte, I don't want your trip to end! Thank you so much for taking us along.

The spools of thread that she is using to weave are just incredible, the hues, the shades of blue are just dreamy.

On to Paris!


A little "ohhhhh hollyhocks", escaped my lips when I saw your photo, there's not much I love more than hollyhocks and sunflowers right up there beside them.

I do love blue so very much. To think I'd never heard of woad dying before. So lovely and so much fun - adore the photo of you all in your splendid woadedness! :)

Thank you so much for introducing us to Janine too. Such artistry, such devotion - gives me the tingles. WOW!

Can't wait to see your finished chateau stitchery.

Thinking of you and sending lots of bloggy love your way,
Sally xo


Love your posts! Thank you so much for sharing your adventure. My daughter lived in Toulouse for a while....
she loved it too.

Donna C.

Thanks Charlotte for putting such wonderful words and photos to go with the memories. In my minds eye I am there many times a day. xoxo Donna C


Looks like you had a really lovely experience. The perfect trip to France. I really love seeing your beautiful photos especially this last set with the woad blue theme. :)


I'm also sad your holiday snaps are ending--and I'm saying that with tongue in cheek, as they are very professional! I've loved reliving it all, and can't wait to hear and see what mischief you all got up to in Paris!!


I love the color of the woad. I had read about it, but had never seen it. So beautiful. Thank you so much for the tour. I will miss traveling with you. ;)

Linda Warlyn

Another wonderful, beautiful fun to tag along with you, Charlotte! And now, Paris...wheeee!...xox

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