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Nikki Gamon

I do that in the library too! I'll add that one to my list.

Jamie V

Can't wait for the sampler! Jamie V in MT


I love birds too. We have mostly the same birds here in our yard in PA that you see there, plus several different woodpeckers. We have hawks, but I have only heard an owl once or twice, it would be so cool to see one! Occasionally we see something different, like the American Woodcock, Rose Breasted Grosbeak or Indigo Bunting and that is just thrilling!
I can't wait to see your sampler! Lovely post, as usual!

Jone Hallmark

hmmmmm "GOOD DEEDS" looks pretty nice, Charlotte.

Different birds here in NM.... we actually had a roadrunner walk through our gate and around the yard once - they are HUGE birds!
We have doves in the backyard and they "coooo" all the time - so comforting.



Have you ever read 'Wesley,' a true story about the incredible bond between a woman and the barn owl she raised? I think you would enjoy it.


thank you, Christine! I so appreciate that and will definitely look for that!

karen on bainbridge island

We've been hearing the barred owls hooting in the woods, but they have yet to show themselves. The woodpeckers are tearing into the base of a few hemlocks, which aren't long for this world, but it's fun to watch their bright red heads just pecking away.

Can't wait to see the sampler. We have a vacation coming up to Tofino, B.C. to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, and this might be my take along stitching hurry Charlotte, hurry!


I was so glad you suggested "The Conjurer's Bird." I checked it out of the neighborhood library here in St. Louis and just loved it! Love the account about the birds around your house too.


I read the Conjurers Bird a few years ago now. I really enjoyed it and remember it being really quite exciting without the violence that usual seems to accompany most mysteries that get solved.

Looking forward to seeing your new embroidery very much. I love your designs and look forward to seeing new ones.

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