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Your snapshots of late summer are lovely. Zinnias...just the perfect summer flower, along with sunflowers. They make the most beautiful bouquets. These are wonderful porch days, I am enjoying every minute. Looks like you are too!
Thanks Charlotte!

Yvonne Welty

What a great blog post. You captured August perfectly. I think everyone (no matter their age) has fond memories of August and the end of summer/back to school atmosphere. Thanks for sharing!


I love how this story paints a clearer picture of your Mom in my head. Not just as your Mom but aa a woman who drove a red convertible and let her kids sit on the backseat. There has always been a spunky sparkle in her eyes in your photos, the red convertible just seems right to me.


I looked to see if I could get a dose your words today......And here you are...yipeee......and all the right words too, memories, moms, zinnia's, birds, fleeting summer days, wonderful pictures.......and by the way, What cha' makin' ? xo

Jone Hallmark

so beautiful.....wanna come for a visit!


Zinnias bring back so many memories of my Gram's cutting garden. It bordered the vegetable garden and was a riot of color. Thank you. xoxo

Diana Seal

Wonderful blog post, love the beautiful pictures!

Helen LeBrett

Love the photos! I love the story about the hawk (I love to watch the birds too), and the pic of the swallowtail is amazing (I don't think we have that kind out here in Calif!), and I love the statue of Mr. Squirrel! thanks for sharing :-P
I have a question for you: do you put any kind of interfacing behind your embroideries? Does the thread show from the front when the background is white? Thanks so much!! Helen in Healdsburg (hlebrett at live dot com)


thanks, Helen. Yes, I use a same size piece of muslin and stitch through both layers. It hides the backwork and makes for a sturdier piece when its finished.


beautiful as always Charlotte. Thanks for the respite from everything I should be doing.


That arbor!!


Hi Charlotte,
Such a much needed, soft and welcoming place to land here, a haven for my weary self. Thank you!

I adore the story about your siblings and you and your mom in the red convertible and the zinnia farm. So precious, made me smile so big.

My father was a larger than life character, always brown as a coconut with magnetic blue eyes and he always drove a convertible, generally blue. One of my favorite memories is of my dad taking my best friend and I to Santa Monica beach one summer day, riding with the top down, eating ice cream cones, with our hair blowing in our faces and laughing so hard. Life was at its sweetest in the summertime.

And once, my dad had a red T-Bird convertible, so much fun!

Thinking of you,
Sally xo


I love all your reflections, but the stories of your mom are just the best. she sounds amazing!

sharon from sharon stanley writes

what a cool mama huh? how fun! my cousin had a corvair and it was a great ride. your photos are lovely. here in virginia, i always think august has it's own distinctive and delightful sound....i think it's the sound of night time in the day...the air is just the tiniest bit cooler, but the sun makes up for it being very very top it off, the light is much crisper. i love the end of august because it means fall is just around the corner, and for me, that's the best time of the year. lovely post.

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