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Jone Hallmark

yep...not bad....
I must say, though, that I find it easier to be in Paris before hitting the countryside. After all the peace and quiet, I'd rather not reve up again before getting on the plane.
That said, though, your day in "gay Paree" looked so fresh and delightful - glad you got to see the fun parts.
Let's talk. I just got back late Tuesday.... xo


Isn't Paris just magnificent?! So glad you went and thank you for sharing your adventure! The pictures are wonderful! I just love the photo of the dog.....looks like he is going somewhere important....maybe to meet a sweetheart!

Troy Louise

Thank you or should I say merci for the beautiful pictures of your days in Paris. Someday . . . XOX


I'm so glad Paris didn't disappoint after that rough beginning. And I agree with Jone that Paris before the countryside works well. On the other hand, you were already over the jet lag, so that's a good thing.


Merci! I enjoyed my virtual tour so much. Thank you! I love the colors and the old buildings.

Nancy Wethington

This entire trip looked amazing! Happy to *live it* through your eyes. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

karen on bainbridge island

Vacations that start off with difficulty generally turn out to be memorable for all the right reasons...and you certainly managed to turn around your Parisienne adventure.

A little wine, a little food, a little laughter seems to have done the trick!

The best souvenir is your memories of this delightful trip.


thanks, I should tell the story of the time the luggage flew off the roof of the car on the interstate. that was a fun one too! starting with the shopping.

karen on bainbridge island

We once left two small suitcases by our front door and drove off for a two week jaunt. I had to buy underwear, shoes, make-up, toiletries, a hair dryer and a jacket. I also left my purse at a friends home the night before a flight to New York. Fortunately, this was before you needed ID to fly, and my husband had cash, credit cards, car keys, etc. Both were wonderful vacations. Whatcha gonna do?


I've been feeling a little wistful about Paris this week. You aren't helping! I would do it all over again today if I could. I'm so glad you got to have the experience.

Nicki Dwyer

I love the photographs in this post Charlotte. So glad you got to Paris! How could you not love it? Thanks for sharing the whole adventure. It's been such fun to travel with you, albeit virtually!

Debby Schuh

I love Village St. Paul! I'm longing to return! Your pictures are wonderful!

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