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I just ran over to your Etsy and snatched one up - adore your Homebodies, Charlotte!

Happy weekend xo

Jan Olson

I love this sampler. I am a homebody too. I have many of your samplers Charlotte ~ and I love working on all of them. When I am brave enough I will upload them to flickr. Thank you for such beautiful and whimsical designs. I so enjoy reading your blog and the simplicity you bring to it ~ which of course are the best moments in life in this overstimulated world. Happy Spring !


Wow- just before you posted this comment I was filling yet another envelope for you and reading back through all your past orders. I think you have every one of the samplers. Many, many thanks - your steady support means so much to me! Happy spring to you too!!

Julie Clark

Love this design. When I retire in a couple of years, I'm getting me some bunny slippers. I create and stitch as much and as often as I can now, but when I retire, I'm gonna be a full-time homebody. No doubt! Julie

Jone Hallmark

THAT is a darling sampler, Miss Charlotte!
Well done!

Once again, you are such an inspiration ....
I'd best get to work on a few of my own...I'l share with you soon, I hope. I'm almost finished with the initials for the inchie project.....

Bih HUG to you.... xo


Hi Charlotte

Did you use pearle cotton (what size thread?)or embroidery cotton for this? Which do you prefer?


I love your work so much but especially the samplers. I am always so pleased to see a new one. Your colours always resonate with me, I really do enjoy seeing them and the textures of the stitches make me want to do it right now!

Monica Fullerton

Love love love this one, it is adorable how you turned your little houses into dresses! Cant wait to start stitching!

Pamela Kieffer

This is just adorable. I just ordered one. Lots of fun and many memories when I am stitching it.


Yes, I am a "homebody". I have created a little Northwest oasis here in the desert and I love to sip my coffee and watch the trilliums and ferns unfurl. Although, if someone said let's hit the Oregon Coast, I'd be packed in a second. I guess it is my second home. Have a wonderful week!

Karen B

Oh my goodness, these homebody's are just so stinking cute! I've got one more of your sampler's to start, but this may have to get in line!

Paula McElrath

I am a homebody to a fault! I can't seem to be motivated to go out which is bad!! I love your homebody pattern as it is me, myself, and I ...

Mary Kathryn

Just popping over here from a blog, from another blog. Some of us (who knows who?) are reading Schaeffer's book, Hidden Art of Homemaking, and someone quoted you :) Lovely, lovely fabrics. Can't wait to roam around on your blog a bit!


Homebody! Ordered three samplers and plan to stitch them up for Christmas presents for my girlfriends!

Mama Squirrel

This is beautiful! I love the three Homebodies and their home-bodies. I'ved posted a link.

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