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Jeanette in Illinois

Charlotte, Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Sending get well, squishy hugs!
The threads look amazing, can't wait to hear more about them.
I'm so very sorry to hear about the loss of Watson. He looks like a sweet gentleman. I lost my Lab, Jack at the end of December, my heart aches for him...yes, they are never with us long enough. I can picture Jack side by side with his constant companion, Tucker (our first boy) that we lost almost four years ago. Yes, my heart misses them both everyday. BIG sigh...We have two furry babies with us and I'm grateful for them always...hugs of consolation and kindred spirit love are being sent to you both.

Jone Hallmark

don't know how anyone can be without that unconditional four-legged love.......
I agree they should live longer lives.... is impossible to say "good-bye"

nice of Pam to send that beautiful little needlepoint piece - what a treasure!

glad you are feeling better, dear Charlotte....xo


xoxo, (can't wait to see the new sampler stitched up! )

jane b

A lovely tribute to Watson! Lots of smiles come to mind over talks and dog walks with our crew! Didn'r we solve a lot of problems of the times? X


My heart goes out to Suzanne. Our fur-panions leave such a hole in our hearts when they pass. Sending you both good vibes for a healthier week and healing hearts. (Beautiful threads! I just purchased a few skeins of Cosmo thread and love the sheen.)

nina b

such sad news about watson. what a beautiful, wise old soul he seemed to be.
hope you are feeling much better by now. being sick in spring is NO FUN AT ALL...
when i send you a photograph of the cabin i'm moving into at the end of june, you will see. it looks exactly like the needlepoint house, without the extra upstairs window on the side of the house. and it isn't pink...

karen on bainbridge island with them can be troublesome. All that responsibility, accomodation, caretaking, training, mess and vet bills.

Then they leave us.

I have not been "dogless" for a single day in over 35 years. I cannot imagine a day without my bulldog, Riley.

I am sure Watson is with his pals, playing, snoozing...and enjoying the life of a dog.

Anne O

Oh, Watson. I loved you. RIP. Charlotte, you get better too!


I agree, dogs should live much longer.


We were felled by a low down dastardly bug over Easter - hope you're feeling better soon!

Oh no! I'm so sad to hear about Watson - what a handsome and precious fellow. Our furry families are our dearest of friends, giving us so very much and asking for so little in return. sniffle sniffle ...

Happy weekend to you!

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