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Beautiful. I love summer. Out here we rarely get days that are very hot. So I enjoy the few that are.

Stay cool.

Miss Holly

Oh.....the oranges are beautiful!! Oh it is summer here!! We've had blazing hot and now humid and rain!! Soooooo green!!
Don't you just love peonies!!! This year we had some real beauties!!!
Happy 4th week!!!

karen on bainbridge island

I always use company as a reason to clean...otherwise, there is no reason!

I'm sure you had a lovely visit with Mary and family. Old friends are the best friends.

We are in the middle of the western heat wave, but it's not the killer temps other places are seeing. I think parts of Bainbridge Island may have reached the high 80's today, and for us, that's sweltering. I think maybe two people on the Island have air conditioning...we usually let Mother Nature handle all our cooling needs.


Always so lovely to check in with you Charlotte. Thank you for your beautiful photos and words.

Jone Hallmark

The instagram of you and Mary (you are wearing a striped shirt) is the BEST photo I have ever seen of either one of you! Really! It is beautiful of both of you and you seem to be so relaxed and
I am so glad that you got to spend some quality time together..... xo

karen on bainbridge island

Orange is my favorite color. Seriously, is there a prettier color? I think not. Mary and you both have great taste.

Love the pictures as always.

Janet B

Fun to find your blog today on Typepad's Feature. Love it when I find another 'of a certain age' who still remembers things like buying fabric in department stores...back in the old days. Love your instagram as well.

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