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I wanted so badly to join in on this getaway, but the timing wasn't great. Winter would be lovely! Not only would the timing be perfect, but I'm sure winter in Vermont is magical!

Monica Fullerton

It looks like such a lovely weekend!


Fun to see you posting - what a great trip you had!

jane b

See some familiar faces. Sorry to miss all of the creatives juices at work. Happy for Charlotte who worked so hard to make it all happen....congratulations??


Oh it did look so wonderful and I thought about you guys having a great time up there eating and creating and laughing. Please keep me on the list because one day I am going to make it up there! Katey


I just keep thinking back on our weekend and smiling ear to ear. Thank you so much to both you and Meleen for making it so special. Please do it again soon!

Julie Clark

It was the best of times! Rekindling with friends and meeting new ones. The food, houses and journals by Meleen were too fabulous for words. The crafting treats and projects by Charlotte were perfect. Enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to another opportunity.


Totally inspirational. Girl time set aside for making is precious.



Thanks for sharing the weekend with the beautiful photographs Charlotte. It looks like it was so much fun, and beautiful too.

Jone Hallmark

wow.....looks perfect (!)
I know you all had the best time...hooray....


oh wow, this sounds/ looks amazing! so happy for you all! and so fun to see familiar faces! hope to join you all some day and craft away! xo


Welcome home! I am so happy the trip was fun filled and from the reports I've seen around the blogosphere, everyone is still swooning from the experience. Rest, relax, and remember. xo


Loved every word and every photo! Pea green I tell you, pea green!!!

Sharon Sandberg

Looks like such a beautiful weekend and beautiful gifts were given!!!

Deborah thomas

love the pictures of the firm not fall get away! the gift bag looks adorable! looks like you all had a wonderful time. glad I found your site!!

Colette Ellis

Reading about this and viewing the beautiful photos is
like being wrapped in a cozy warm blanket! Wish
I had been there! 🍁🍃🍂

sharon stanley

oh my. so all looks delicious!

Deborah Klingaman

I have seen and read about so much of your work over the years thru Home Companion. Because of the Poor Economy, we moved from Michigan, to Connecticut, and now, just right across the Connecticut River from you Eastman(Grantham), New Hampshire.
BetweenKing Arthur, America's Test Kitchen, Cabot Cheese, and now you...I feel like my every wish has been granted. I find it interesting that you got Mary to participate since she admitted years ago she does not cook or sew. Congratulations on your first workshop, Hope I can join you soon!



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