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Julie Clark

Those eyes. That face!!! Congrats to you both. Julie

Janet Ghio

Oh Stitch is adorable


oh so cute!


How wonderful! Congratulations! What a cutie and great name!


cutie patootie!


Oh Charlotte! Stitch is so precious. Did she arrive with the name because that is certainly serendipity, synchronicity - whatever it's called :) Needless to say, so very apropos and as if she is the missing piece to your puzzle. Wishing a very Happy 2014 to you and Stitch! xo and arf arfs

Lisa Leggett

Congratulations Charlotte & Stitch! I'm so glad you have each other!


Happy you found each other! Love her name!

Jeanette in Illinois

How wonderful!!!! Welcome Stitch!!! She is precious.
I'm thrilled for you all. I have three rescued rottweillers and can tell you they've all found a way to us...and it is THE best. Congratulations, Charlotte. Here's to pawprints and heartstrings.

Vicki K

Oh, I am so happy you have found each other!! Stitch is just adorable--just makes you want to scoop her up and cuddle. Happy 2014 Charlotte!


Happy New Year and welcome to the family, Stitch! There is no love such as that of a rescue. Wishing you and Stitch many long walks, moments of quiet, and of course, hours of stitching together.

Claudia W. Small

Charlotte, that story is the sweetest! This little Stitch is the one for you and has probably been waiting for you to come get her. Congratulations on a perfect match!

Jone Hallmark

YAY! What a wonderful way to begin this new year! And could e name be any more appropriate? Well done!
....and YAY for Maggie!

I already feel like the year is flying by - whew! So much happening already. I want so much to see you...really. I am going to find a way for us to be in the same place at the same time, okay?
Gosh, I am glad that Stitch found you.....perfect fit!
Best to the two of you in this next chapter.....xoxo


awe - I'm so happy for you AND stitch! perfect :)

Anne Sutton

Charlotte, I'm so in love with Stitch! She is indeed the perfect dog for you. It's the eyes. They show a very gentle soul. May she bring you much happiness and loving! Congratulations!

Mary in Oregon

As a pet lover, and a recent reader/follower of your blog, I couldn't be more happy for you, Carlotte. I am forecasting that this 2014 year will be a really ENJOYABLE year for the two of you!!!

Christine B.

Happy New Year Charlotte!! What a lovely way to start the new year finding Stitch. She looks such a dear little thing. Just know you are going to have fun together! :)

karen on bainbridge island

How happy that you found each other…it was just want to be. Welcome Stitch

karen on bainbridge island

Of course I mean to write…meant to be


xox, d


Awesome news, Charlotte!


Congratulations on Stitch--She is so adorable and I'm sure she will be a wonderful companion! We adopted a little guy - a 14 lb. Papillon mix from the shelter down the road. He was having a bit of a difficult time with the heartworm treatment and needed a quiet home to convalesce in. He's doing great now and my husband is in love!


She is adorable! I can see how easily you fell in love... and bless your heart for giving her a home. Happy 2014!!

Jan Olson

She is precious ! Her little face is too cute. Have a Happy New Year with your new little blessing Charlotte. Jan


Charlotte: I am SO thrilled for you and yours to celebrate the new year, to celebrate Stitch's presence in your lives. Gosh, pets are amazing gifts. None of us seem to be able to explain the mystery of energy and strength of the relationship we have and the hurt when we have to say goodbye, and then the opening of our heart to share again. I can never seem to explain logically to anyone why they need a pet! No regrets. Happy cuddly new year to you!

Eugenia from Southern California

Happy New Year. So excited, I haven't taken the leap yet but one day I hope to find a new companion,too. I have been very blessed in this life to have had two wonderful dogs.

xxxooo e

Kristin Nicholas

What a sweet face. Congratulations on the new addition to the fam.

Kelley aka Junquey Gal

I love her sweet face and perfect name! Enjoy puppy kisses!

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