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Word, girl.
xox, d


I must agree with your Downton Abbey comment. I actually screamed "NOOO" at the tv! Can't they just leave Anna & Mr. Bates alone, to live in peace? I won't mind. I'll keep watching! A quiet, loving relationship is testimony, especially in these days of violence and exploitation. Okay, stepping off my soapbox. xoxo


I'm with you. But I watched the series on line in the fall so I'll just tell you to hang in there.

Julie Clark

Hey cranky,
I'm just tickled to see that lovely hooked piece. You and Meleen (on IG this morning) are really revving me up! See you soon. Julie


Bravo! In total agreement!!
So glad you have Stitch to keep you company while you're under the weather! If you only posted pics of that cutie pie it would make my day:) xo

Troy Louise

So good to hear from you. I know how busy life can be! I completely agree with you about Downton Abbey. It's the only TV program I really look forward to watching & I am so upset with last week's show. Someone above commented to hang in there, so I will. Good luck with Vermont.

Mary Engelbreit

I know! And doesn't Lady Mary seem like a character out of The Vampire Diaries?? Was she always such a terrible actress?


Yes! It was so, so hard to watch and I'm dreading that entire story line. Glad you are well!

Jone Hallmark

It WAS indeed so hard to watch! So frustrating, too, as it will put such strain on their relationship...and the truth may never come out. What a sad turn of events.
This is my first season to watch it.....hmmmmmmm....
I have always been a Sherlock fan, myself. It comes on right after.....I might have to put Downton on the back burner for a while...though it is good to hear that things may get better.....
Love to YOU, dear Charlotte....always....xo


I agree with you too!! So glad we didn't actually see the incident. Unnecessary.


I have enjoyed your work for a long time now. I think your new dog is a very sweet addition to your home! I hope you are feeling better. I read your blog every chance I get! Thanks!


I am with you. I watched the first season and enjoyed it. Then it became a lousy, poorly written soap opera. Thanks, but no. I do love looking at the clothing and countryside however. What I wouldn't give to have a wardrobe like any of them. :)


I am not happy about this at all. The temperment of the show the show is grossly uneven. Of course I'm still watching it but I'm so disappointed! Take care, Byrd

Mary in Oregon

This is a revoltin' state of affairs for Anna and Mr. Bates. Why doesn't she just stand up for her rights??? Obviously, that is the way it was then. HORRIBLE! I started watching D. Abbey right from the beginning.
As for Sherlock - I loved it last year but had to go back to reading The Goldfinch (fabulous book!) after the first hour. It just seemed to be stale.
Too bad. I will try again next Sunday.
Mary in Oregon


I don't think Lady Mary is a bad actress - she has always played the character like that. I think people have begun to translate her dispassionate/cool nature at least on the surface, with being a wooden actress. People used to love the series and Lady Mary but now its loosing fans, so there are criticisms that weren't around before. (In reply to comment above!)

I'm in the UK and we were all furious here about the storyline too. To be honest, the series seems to be nearing its natural close. It was only the first one or two that I really loved, with the whole 'Cousin Matthew' storyline. It gets worse actually, either with the tedium of nothing much happening, or with the increasing amount of pointers we get to see Bates in a sinister way. Why can't we have them as the lovely couple they were? It's a shame isn't it?

I hope your sweet little dog is enjoying her new home and she has settled in well with you. Someone told me a wonderful serendipitous story about a little dog that 'found' a very sad lady, a couple of days ago. It was a very feel good story, with happy endings for everyone!

Liz Kerr

I have to say, I felt the same as you about Downton Abbey as I was watching it. But I thought they did the right thing by not showing anything in graphic detail. We got it loud and clear. After listening to the actress who plays Anna, i think it is an important story. Rape at that time in the world, was an even sadder state than today. Now we think, well, why doesn't she just tell, but back then all a woman, especially in Anna's position had, was her honor. What I like about the show is that they try to not only entertain us, but show how things worked so differently back then.

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