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I have been looking forward to this since you told us about it in Vermont. I ordered it on Amazon. Can't wait for it to come!


I'm looking forward to reading this book - thanks for the heads up!


I ordered my book. I can't wait to get it and play in the dirt.


I'm off to check out Marcie's blog!


She's my kind of girl. But you already knew that :)
Great post!


Looks like a wonderful book. One to share with my little grand girlies when they get a little older.
While walking on Sunday, beside the shore, we spotted several Green-Winged Teals. I'd never seen them before. The spots of green were so very bright.

Jeanette in Illinois

I'll be checking out the book, it sounds delightful! I would be hard-pressed to pick one backyard critter...but I do love seeing all the deer and the upcoming fawning season, it's just so sweet & precious! Thanks for sharing, Charlotte!! XooX


Oh, the little finches that feed in my yard would have to be a favorite.

Susie Q

I will looking for her book! My husband and I love taking day hikes in the Smokeys. Out my back yard I love to watch the robins. They are so busy in the spring.

Laurie Hodson

Hi Charlotte,
This is right up on my list of must haves. Last summer we were fortunate to have a mother and father bluebird hatch three batches of babies in our Maple tree. This year they have begun again. It is so exciting.
Thanks for your generosity.

Liz Kerr

My favorite outside critter is a chipmunk.. Or chippy! I love the noises they make!!


Our neighbor must have a bluebird house because every year a bluebird couple hangs out on our deck or back yard. They're so pretty, love watching them!!


We have several bird feeders and I just love to see all the beautiful birds .......we have a variety here in Oklahoma! Thanks for the giveaway!


I'm always on the lookout for a great new blog from a wonderful creative---- Yay Marcie!! Can't wait to know you better and check out the book, off to the website. Oh--- critters??? I'm fond of the geckos although many aren't. So fun to watch them (as long as they stay out of the house!!!)

Troy Louise

Sounds wonderful! How fun to have a neighbor like her. We have had a covey of California quail in our backyard this winter. They scurry along our rock wall in the mornings & they are a delight to watch from the breakfast table. I'm off to check out her blog. Thanks so much.

Anita T.

One of our favorite discoveries was a very intact bird's nest (complete with eggs) in the dryer vent. Unfortunately, we had to take it out in order to fix the dryer.

Patty in Kansas

The book sounds lovely...and the kit looks wonderful! I love to collect the little caps from the fallen acorns...they look like little hats for fairies and sprites.


Oh, what a wonderful book! I still have my Nature Craft book from the 1950's and this looks like it will be a great companion. Favorite? Critter would have to be the squirrels who keep me amused. My birds are my deep love. The vireos, goldfinches, doves, and flickers all keep me happy all year long. The seldom visitors are welcomed with open arms and I count the days until the Cedar Wax Wings appear, the nuthatches, and May 7th is for the Hummingbird celebration. :)

double d

Any critter that doesn't eat my garden


What a wonderful book!!
This year there is one thing that stands out to me in my yard. I have always known we had bluebirds. Mostly I would see them in small flocks in spring, one year we were lucky enough to have them nest in one of our bird houses. But this year, this cold, cold winter, we had them at our feeders. Every day blue birds eating sunflower chips, drinking from the birdbath outside my kitchen window, resting in trees nearby. It has been glorious!


we dig earthworms.... i guess toddlers in the family do it.

Marcela : Naturally Fun Days

This book sounds wonderful and so beautiful. Thanks for the chance. Spring... anything that comes out in spring is perfect. Right now, I'm enjoying little bushtits frolicking outside my window searching for nesting materials. Oh... their tiny legs... beautiful critters indeed.


I love birds! Looks like a great book and what fun kits. I especially like the pin! Thanks:)


A bee coop? Wow - Marcie's book and project might just make me stop stalling and start realizing my goal of keeping bees. One of my favorite backyard discoveries occurred one early Spring day while I was watching a squirrel drink the sap running down our Maple tree. Who knew? That was a discovery I'll not soon forget!

Jamie Vowell

I am ordering a copy of the book asap! It sounds great! My favorite backyard critters are the rabbits that hide under the deck and nibble at the 'greens' in my garden! I also love to discover where the robins have built their nests each year! Jamie V in MT


Love to collect seed pods.


Love that pin - would love to see it up close! Looks like I'll have to add Marcie's blog to my 'frequent checks' list.


The book looks lovely! I am loving hiking and seeing the birds return. We saw a flock of sandhill cranes today!


It sounds like a fun book. I love nature and books about it. We have lots of squirrels in our neighborhood and even though they can be a little destructive...I just love watching them scamper about! It's rare for me to see a Chipmunk in my part of the country, but when I do...oh, my I'm thrilled. haha.

Stick Horse Cowgirl V

What a lovely book! My favorite backyard visitor is the beautiful iridescent blue Indigo Bunting with their sweet song.


So excited to see some Blue Jays yesterday! Lovely book.


This book looks wonderful! I love the sound of the birds in the morning and evening as the weather starts to warm. I live in NH so after this long winter they sounded even more beautiful! I also enjoy watching the deer passing through our woods. I just wish they would leave my hosta plants alone!


Hello Charlotte. This books sounds lovely. My favorite backyard critter is a cat that spends a lot of time at my house. He looks almost identical to one of my cats except for his pink nose. He has gotten comfortable with me being in my yard, but still will not let me close enough to pet him. Someday maybe. Thanks for the giveaway.

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