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I'm putting in my order for one of those sweaters. Sky blue with soft white
sending so much love and gratitude to all of you xoxo


Perfectly captured here. The sky so blue the lamb so sweet and new friends made to keep. I had a wonderful time! So worth the 2,671 miles driven to visit. I know Nina & my mom, Dian would agree. It was a great trip.

karen on bainbridge island

It all sounds like it was the very best way to jump start autumn….all the hosts and participants seemed to have enjoyed the thrill of each undertaking and adventure.

Julie clark

It was a delightful visit. to follow your vein of fiber metaphors--

Knit me a sweater with the last threads of Summer; and wrap it around the moon...

lyrics to Winter by Jenna Nicholls

Love, Julie

jane b

Your endless creativity and enthusiasm for
projects big or small is infectious! Who wouldn't be stimulated by sharing the company of gifted ladies/men. On a roll now sweet friend. Congrats....well deserved!


Love that, Julie!

Lucy Tracy

As charming as the weekend itself! XOXO!!

Jone Hallmark

What a lovely re-cap, Charlotte....felt like I could have actually been there. Your photos are, as always, beautifully captured. I need to be there sometime to experience it first hand, rather than pouring over the photos.....though it is so nice.
Glad you got home safe.....and, may I say, my dear, you are more beautiful and glowing than when I met you years ago. I think you are just growing younger. You look very happy and relaxed. Life must be Good. XO

noodle and lou

I literally can feel the warmth and joy of that sweet sweater as I read your gorgeous words. magically fabulous! xoxx
p.s. love that photo of you at the wheel!

Liz Kerr

I see your next book.


Sweet Charlotte...painting such a beautiful picture with your words and photos. I am blessed and better off to have experienced all this in person with you all. PS: you at the spinning wheel... Wonderful shot! Many many thanks!!!


Oh, what a beautiful time you all had! Happy birthday to you! :)

Troy Louise

What a fantastic time you all had. Beautiful goodies to make & wonderful food to eat & warm companionship. Does it get any better? And, happy, happy birthday. I will celebrate No. 60 next week! Would love to have a bit of that pavlova to celebrate. I will dream of it. Thanks so much.


And to you, Charlotte, who has such a gentle, quiet demeanor just before leading us all into zany gales of laughter. You and Meleen have somehow attracted such a sweet and compatible presence together that attracts like/minded women. Sigh. Do we REALLY have to wait until spring?


it seems you all had a wonderful time. Wish I could be there. Best wishes from Judy in Australia.


Sigh! The delightful photos makes me want to jump on the next plane and wait for you to all show up in the spring. :) I love the Raven! Thanks for always sharing your retreats. They look fabulous. Belated Birthday Wishes!!! I just took the step from 60 to 61. They seem to get easier, the older I get. :)

Cherie Wilson

Beautiful Big sweater days to you Dear Charlotte! You and sweet Meleen have the most fabulous retreat.......... will feel like coming home when I get to do my repeat weekend.... 2015, I do hope! Your recap is Magical, agreed with NoodleLou! xoxo


Every getaway has gotten better and better! What a magical, empowering, laughter-filled creative time we have!! What awesome hosts and great friends! Can't wait for Spring!

diane willard

Thanks for sharing your retreats and ideas and the inspiration that comes from people enjoying creating for the fun of it.

Greer Kobik

LOVE all this stuff! Greer

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