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Those pictures of your daughters together brought tears to my eyes. I fiercely love my children to the moon & back, but the love I have for my sister is different, special one. I understand the blessings. xoxo


Oops! Happy Birthday to you too! xoxo


Perfection!! How blessed you all are!

Jeanette in Illinois

What a lovely, poignant post!!! My eyes were filled with tears reading such a soul-touching story with sentiment that transcends the mother-daughter(s) relationship. You all are so blessed to have each other and you clearly cherish your special bond. Thanks for sharing. Your photographs are simply outstanding. I believe the memories you created commemorating your special birthday will fill your heart for quite some time...


Happy Birthday Charlotte!
You are truly blessed to have those lovely daughters. This was a beautiful post.Take care, Laura


Such a lovely post. Thank you very much for sharing. The whole get together sounds idyllic! Love to you and yours.

Mary Engelbreit

What a perfect birthday for you! Such great girls! My kids barely remember my birthday, and only if their father reminds them. If he remembers!

Chris Porter

How lovely - perfect location, perfect company, perfect quilt, perfect birthday celebration! All delightful. I wonder how you put the pieces together - were they bound individually, first? xx


What a perfect birthday. You are blessed. That baby is going to have so much love. It's the way it should be.
Here's to a wonderful year for you and your family!!


Oh Charlotte, having 3 girls is such a blessing! What a lovely, memorable celebration and a wonderful post commemorating your weekend! Can't wait to hear about the next generation!!



That was so beautiful! I feel fortunate to know all of the players in your "weekend getaway." xoxo

Meleen Dupré

three's a charm! xo


Oh you are blessed what a wonderful Birthday... the "Big" one I had the real "Big One" sixty hard to even believe.. but I know it's true.. Happy Birthday and wishes for another one oh so grand!


Perfectly lovely, as you all are.


What a great birthday!!! Congratulations! We must be nearly the same age, because my big b-day is Oct. '15... and you're giving me ideas on how to celebrate.


This is such a nice recap, Ma. It was a special weekend that we'll all remember forever...thanks for giving me two great sisters - making you some pancakes and mac n' cheese is the least we can do to show our love and gratitude to you (and Dad, too!). xo


Very special occasion with very special girls. So blessed!


Happy Birthday Charlotte.Loved seeing your post of your girls and congratulations on the new little wee one that is to come.
so much love to share.


Happy Birthday to you! Lovely post, looks like a wonderful time. Exciting times ahead, how lucky the little guy is to be so loved!!

Karen on Bainbridge Island

Seriously, what could be more wonderful for you as a mom than to have your three daughters honor you in such a thoughtful way. You are one of the luckiest women on the planet.


A beautiful post for a beautiful family. Whenever I look at your book, I think of you, Mary, and your three girls. It makes me feel warm inside. The quilt is fabulous and a treasure. Our birthdays are close to one another and I am a year older, but you celebrated this special birthday just like I did - minus your girls and I was at the Ore. Coast. But, the time together is the important part. Looking forward to seeing photos of the quilt progress. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's!

Troy Louise

Such a beautiful post. You've brought happy tears to my eyes. What a wonderful time for all of you. Thanks so much for sharing with us.


Sounds like perfection to me. Happy Birthday!


This is hands down the most amazing gift I've ever heard of! :) Laura


Oh my goodness. How touching. You just did it right. I've always been so happy I have two girls. That they get to enjoy the blessing of having a sister, something I always longed for. Your post makes me even more thankful.

danielle muller

love this post. i'm all teary eyed! so wonderful...thank you for sharing my friend <3

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